Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

If you have symptoms of a urinary tract infection, do not delay getting checked and starting a suitable treatment. If a UTI isn’t treated correctly the infection can spread to the kidneys and become more serious. If you meet certain criteria our trained pharmacist can give you an antibiotic called Trimethoprim, without a prescription. In the privacy of a consult room they will  ask you a few questions to see if Trimethoprim is appropriate for you or recommend that you visit your doctor. No appointment is required.

Urinary alkalisers

Urinary alkalisers can provide relief from the painful burning symptoms of a UTI. Check with our  Pharmacist before using any product as it may interact with other medicines you are taking. 

Other tips

Rest and keep warm – place a hot water bottle or wheat bag on your stomach to help with the pain, Drink as much water as you can to help flush the bacteria out of your urinary tract, Pass urine in the shower or pour water over the area while you urinate – this may reduce the discomfort, Take a pain reliever if necessary, Avoid alcohol, fruit juices, strong coffee, or fizzy drinks as they can make your urine more acidic.